About Us

Godbolé Gear was born out of a fascination with full grain leather and traditional saddlery handcrafting techniques which do not use any machines for stitching.

We aspire to create products that people would want and love for generations. Possessions that you would be proud to own and pass down to your children and grandchildren. Timeless aesthetic, quality & durability are ingrained in every aspect of creation, from design and choice of materials to the process of handcrafting.


Each product at Godbolé Gear is designed after careful consideration to its function and reliability. Our products are designed to be highly functional and elegantly simple while lasting for years to come. Every single cut, every single stitch, every angle of every curve is incorporated into the product design with a reason. Every seam, joint and failure point is over engineered. We use no fillers, backing or substandard materials. If we say it’s a leather wallet, it’s a leather wallet stitched with strong waxed polyester thread. Not a leather wallet with foam fillers and nylon thread that’s going to start falling apart in two years.


Our products are handcut and hand stitched. Hand stitching using the saddle-stitching technique takes considerably longer than using a machine. It is a hard, long and thoroughly enjoyable process and also has a unique value in today’s world with a sea of mass-produced items. But 'Handcrafted' is not just a buzzword we use. It is pivotal in providing unmatched strength to our creations. Every stitch made using this technique is a tiny knot. In the rare even that a stitch breaks, the entire stitching won't unravel.


We put a great deal of thought into our designs, materials and workmanship. Our products are designed to last a lifetime. We source the best quality of leather and hardware to make sure that our materials can stand the test of time. Our handcrafting technique is a perfect complement to these materials as it provides strength and durability that cannot be matched by sewing machines.

Like all thoughtfully made items, whether sturdy teak furniture or the best set of Japanese knives, the life of our products greatly depends on usage conditions and regular maintenance. Rest assured, if you take good care of it, our leather products will stand by you for a lifetime whether you are drinking coffee at Starbucks or hiking in the Himalayas. 


What can we do better? What would you like to see in our product line? We would love to hear from you. Your feedback is what helps us most to improve and innovate!

Drop us a note at feedback[at]godbolegear.in