Premium Full Grain Leather, Handcrafted to Perfection

Godbolé Gear creates products that people would want and love for generations. Possessions that you would be proud to own and pass down to your children and grandchildren. Timeless aesthetic, quality & durability are ingrained in every aspect of creation, from design and choice of materials to the process of handcrafting.


We use full-grain cow leather in all our creations, showcasing it in the purest and best form. This is the creme de la creme of leathers. It is strong, durable and develops a beautiful patina with day to day handling and exposure to light, acquiring a smooth, glossy finish with use. The colors also get darker and richer over time. How will it look a year from today or ten years from there? It all depends on how you use it, where you carry it, whether you spend more time indoors or outdoors with it. No two pieces created from this leather can ever be identical since each will age with a personality as unique and distinctive as you are.


Tanning is the process of transforming an animal hide into leather. Vegetable tanning is an age-old method that uses tannins from tree bark and amplifies the best qualities of full grain leather - strength, durability and uniqueness. We source vegetable tanned leather, which is safe and toxin-free, as opposed to chrome tanning which involves using highly toxic chemicals to treat the leather. Chrome tanning can produce leather in a day, while vegetable tanning is a slow, natural process that requires around six weeks and highly skilled craftsmanship.


We stand by the authenticity of our leather. Few tanneries today use the vegetable tanning process to make full grain leather. As a result, this type of leather has just a handful of reliable sources. We partner with reputed, industry-leading tanneries making vegetable tanned, full grain leather and following responsible environmental practices. We buy directly from these tanneries to ensure the quality, reliability and grade of our leather.